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Friends with nature

Our values are focused around our 'Friends with Nature' initiative which aims to keep our operations sustainable and eco-friendly.

At The Copper Rabbit a lot of our inspiration comes rustic, country-style interior design. As a brand that was established in the North-West of the UK, close to the British countryside, we try to be as 'friendly' to our surroundings as possible. 

Eco-friendly Packaging

To make our brand as eco-friendly as possible, we decided to make sure as much of our packaging was recyclable, or biodegradable, as possible. 

All of our products come in a cardboard box that is sealed with brown paper tape which are both fully recyclable. 

We then use biodegradable packing peanuts to make sure you products arrive to you in perfect condition. Just add water to our packing peanuts to dissolve them!

We also make sure we only use paper-based wrapping for our dried-flowers and other products that require extra protection. All of our paper can be fully recycled. 

Our dried flowers do come gift-wrapped and this includes being hand-tied with a silk ribbon. We would strongly encourage our customers to re-use this ribbon, perhaps as an accessory or to wrap your own gifts in the future. 

Sustainable UK-Sourced products 

At The Copper Rabbit we try to use local or UK-based suppliers where possible, not only to support other UK businesses, but to reduce the amount of emissions used to get our supplies to us. 

Our products themselves are designed with quality in mind so that they can be used for many years, particularly our dried flowers which are a sustainable option as they are designed to last for years and years. 

Our Company Charity: The Lancashire Wildlife Trust 

To help support those working hard to protect nature and our environment, we decided to choose The Lancashire Wildlife Trust as our company charity for 2021/22. 

As we are still a small business we will be continuously looking for ways in which we can support The Wildlife Trust throughout the year through company donations, fundraising and by making sure our operations are environmentally friendly. To find out more about The Lancashire Wildlife Trust, visit here. 

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust