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Rustic Eucalyptus Wreath (40cm)
Rustic Eucalyptus Wreath (40cm)
Rustic Eucalyptus Wreath (40cm)
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Rustic Eucalyptus Wreath (40cm)

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Rustic Eucalyptus Wreath

Looking for festive decor pieces that you can re-use year on year? Our rustic eucalyptus wreath is preserved which means that it can be re-used every year if cared for properly. Preserved foliage maintains its colour and is a good alternative to dried flowers/foliage as both can last for at least a year. 

Our eucalyptus wreath is made up of preserved eucalyptus Populus that is a deep green, almost blue, shade. The hoop of the wreath is made up of vine/twigs which give the wreath an even more rustic feel. Our wreath comes finished with a hessian bow and a jute string to hang your wreath up with. 

As all of our wreaths, bunches & bouquets are made up of hand-picked flowers and foliage, please allow for natural colour and size variances that may vary from stem to stem. Some of the products used to preserve our foliage can sometimes transfer onto other materials so we recommend keeping the wreath away from fabrics and materials that are likely to stain. 


This twig wreath hoop has a diameter of 30cm, but the eucalyptus has a diameter of approximately 40cm. 

Care instructions: 

Preserved foliage is a beautiful and sustainable way to add elegance to your home. When cared for properly your wreath should last from 1 to 3 years. Here are our tips to keep your wreath looking its best...

  • Always handle foliage with care when unpackaging them or when transferring them to your chosen location
  • Keep dry, do not get wet 
  • Keep away from strong winds and harsh weather conditions (indoor use only) 
  • Keep out of direct sunlight

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