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How to prepare your home for Autumn

How to prepare your home for Autumn

Autumn 2021 is fast approaching and that means we will be transitioning our homes into a place where we can relax and enjoy the colder months with friends and family. With more people than ever working from home, there's a want and a need to invest in comfort and it's perhaps more important than ever to ensure you have a place for relaxation and peace that's separate from the outside world. To help you get ready for the colder months, and say goodbye to summer, we've put together 5 ways you can prepare your home for Autumn: 

1. Forget spring cleaning, it's time for an Autumn scrub

After a year in lockdown, we've all made the most of being outdoors this summer. All of the alfreso dining and outdoor living can mean that the inside of our homes start to feel neglected. Worry not though, Autumn is actually the perfect time of the year give your home a good scrub. It has even been said that there are health benefits to deep cleaning in Autumn rather than spring, as environmental health practitioner Dr Lisa Ackerley "Central heating and closed windows reduce ­ventilation and create dream conditions for dust mites, bacteria and mould. Add in food crumbs, spillages, wet laundry and trodden-in dirt and you’re creating the perfect environment for bugs to thrive.”

By putting your sun loungers back in the shed and folding away your summer clothes, your home will already begin to feel more prepared for the Autumn months. Also, having a thorough clean and organise now will help save time as we move towards Christmas where we'd all much rather be sending our time drinking mulled wine with friends! 

Autumn dried flowers

2. Bring nature inside with floral arrangements, garlands or wreaths

Whilst flowers are usually associated with spring and summer, there is definitely a place for them in Autumn and Winter too! Dried flowers often give off a more rustic-feel, therefore they are the perfect way to add some natural colours and textures to your home.

Dried flower bouquets look lovely as table centre-pieces, by the bedside or on a windowsill, but dried flowers can also be added to wreaths and garlands for your door, hallway or fireplaces. Not to mention dried flowers can also last for a few years, so once the seasons change you can either keep them out or store them for next year! 

Autumn decor

3. Switch to Autumnal scents

It's time to put away the floral, fresh scents and replace them with warm, musky notes. Changing your candles or diffusers is one of the simplest, and possibly one of the most effective, ways to make your home feel more in line with the seasons. 

Popular scents around this time of year include sandlewood, fig, sage and many more, but it's up to the homeowner to find a scent that they love and that they can burn as we transition from spring into autumn and then into winter. 

Autumn home decor

4. Bring in more natural textures & earthy tones

Natural textures, particulaly wood, wicker, ceramics and wool, bring an element of cosiness and texture to your home, alongside a palette of earthy hues. Trends at the moment show an increase in colours such as browns, beiges, greens as well as black and white.

These earthy tones all make rooms have a warmer feel, which is perfect for this time of year where we all want to have a home that is inviting and cosy. 

Autumn styling

5. Get cosy by adding more cushions, blankets and throws

Layering different textures is a great way to make your rooms feel less bare and fill up any empty space which can often make them seem cold. Adding a few chunky woolen blankets to your sofas or arm chairs is a great way to do this, as is placing blankets or throws in the corner of your room in a wicker basket.

Placing a few more cushions to sofas and beds is also a simple way to add more layers to your styling, and different sized cushions often work best. 

If you're looking to make your home feel more rustic in time for Autumn, why not purchase some dried flowers from The Copper Rabbit online store? We have a range of rustic dried flower bouquets, dried foliage and dried flower wreaths for you to choose from which make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one! If you do purchase any of our beautiful dried flowers don't forget to take a photo and tag us on social media @thecopperrabbitco

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